Educating Nursing Students about Ostomy Care

My recent work with local medical school, A.T. Still University, in Mesa, Arizona was featured in the United Ostomy Association of America February 2018 News letter. See the Affiliated Support Group Spotlight below:

Educating Nursing Students about Ostomy
Currently living with three ostomies Roxanne Camp has a lot to share from the patient perspective. As a member of the Mesa, Arizona affiliated support group Roxanne is a visible presence in her community working the UOAA information table at various events and also organizing the Arizona Run for Resilience Ostomy 5k. Her story is at
From Roxanne:
I met with students at AT- Still University in January. They enjoyed being connected to UOAA’s information and it was such a fun and educational day with so many questions. A lot of my answers would always come back to UOAA resources. UOAA has a lot of resources and they are there to listen, they care, and will guide you in whatever direction you need.
One of the students was taking care of patients with a urostomy and could not figure out how to get it to stop leaking so she would tape a trash bag around her appliances. She was impressed with my teaching and wished she knew about UOAA then.
Another young lady shared her story about her grandmother who had just passed away. She had a urostomy but had no teaching on how to care for it. Her skin was always raw and blistering. She was using the wrong size flange, the opening was a lot bigger then the Stoma and most of the urine would sit on her skin. She also wishes she would of known about the UOAA, and heard my story and how to care for a stoma then her grandmother wouldn’t have been in so much pain.

This is why I enjoy doing what I do, they were impressed that I not only had one but three ostomies and not embarrassed to share my story.

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