We Did It! 10K with an Ostomy!

Mothers day 2015 I ran a 10K with my youngest daughter and biggest supporter. We planned to do the race together before we knew that the chemo and radiation did not work, before I knew that I would be running with TWO ostomies. At first the race day  was a light in the distance, something that kept me moving forward through weeks and weeks of chemo. But after the news of the failure of chemo and radiation, the race seemed like an impossible task. Just 6 months  after my pelvic exoneration where I lost my entire pelvic contents, I finished the 10 K at Disneyland, and I did it all while wearing my favorite character, Tinker-belle. The time up to the race was difficult and I had many aches, pains, set-backs and obstacles, but I continued to fight for my  health using diet, exercise and hope. This one event is proof that if you set your mind to it, you can truly accomplish the impossible. Never give up on yourself, not even for cancer! Do the impossible every day until a new impossible task is right in front of you. Live life, even if you have an ostomy!


Roxanne Camp, Ostomate & Advocate

Hello my name is Roxanne Camp. I am a cervical cancer survivor living with two Stoma Angels. My cancer battle started January 7th, 2014. On September 26th, 2014 I had a major pelvic exoneration surgery as a last resort after chemo and radiation failed. That surgery left me as a double ostomate, but I believe that my ostomies saved my life! That is why I call them my Stoma Angels. Even though living with a Ostomy (or two) can be a life changing  experience, it is not all bad. You can experience fun in life with an ostomy, it will just be a difference way of living.